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Flavored and seasoned sea salt: Red, Yellow, Black, Rose
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Flavored and seasoned Sea Salt by Solar Evaporation Fluoridated and iodized sea salt: Red (achiote and spices), Rose (Red wine and spices), Black (Smoked chilli and spices), Yellow (Habanero chilli and spices)
CREID BI :  Brand
Solar Evaporation:  Manufacture
Solar drying:  manufacture
no additives:  manufacture

Formulated for baking, cooking, marinating or seasoning meals with ingredients from Yucatecan recipes without additives or preservatives


  • Yellow sea salt with spices: Strong spicy flavor, especially for red meat. Sea Salt by Solar Evaporation, Vinegar, corn flour and Species dehydrated by solar dehydration: garlic, onion, pepper, oregano, habanero chili.
  •  Spiced Red Sea Salt: Special for white meats, stews, broths and seafood, without additives or preservatives.  Sea Salt by Solar Evaporation, Achiote, vinegar, cornmeal. Spices dehydrated by solar dehydration: pepper, oregano, cumin, garlic, sour orange, habanero pepper.

    Black Sea Salt Seasoned with Spices: Strong, smoky, spicy flavor Special for white meats, broths, stews, seafood. Sea Salt by Solar Evaporation, Vinegar, corn flour. Dehydrated spices by solar dehydration: pepper, oregano, tomato, garlic, purple onion, sour orange, habanero chili, epazote.


    Spiced rose sea salt with spices: Refined flavor and slight spiciness Special for salads, stews and pastas. Sea Salt by Solar Evaporation, Red wine. Dehydrated spices by solar dehydration: pepper, oregano, garlic, habanero chili.


    Presentation: Plastic bag with bottle silhouette with bottom gusset and resealable zipper of 300 grams content


 Shelf life: 1 year on shelf



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