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Agave Nectar (a Honey-Like Sap )
素食 纯天然 有机 食品 甜品 龙舌兰 糖浆 甜味剂 蜂蜜 花蜜

The agave syrup is a natural product obtained from Agave Tequilana Weber variety Blue, its ingredients are 100% organic blue agave, it is principally made of fructose and rich in inulin.

This carbohydrate has important nutritional and functional characteristics, since it provides few calories and has a glycemic index (GI) of 11; which is low in comparison to honey (GI = 104) and table sugar (sucrose) (GI = 92).

Fructose has a 30% sweetening power more than sucrose, it needs the presence of glucose to be metabolized in the intestine; otherwise, it is not fully absorbed by the intestinal wall. The gut microbiota uses it as food; thus, it has a functional dietary and prebiotic value.


-Low glyceride index

-Flavor potentiator

-Vitamins A, B, B2, C, iron, phosphorus, proteins and niacin


-No genetically modified organisms

-Gluten free


-Natural agave fibers and minerals

-Viscous consistency


The Agave Syrup is made of 100% Blue Agave, the production process begins with the selection of raw material, then pineapples are ground to extract the agave juice by diffusion, and it is thereafter filtered and heated to hydrolyze the juice, and finally it is concentrated by evaporation to 74-76 ° Brix.

Agave Nectar can be used as an ingredient, raw material or as a direct sweetener.

It can also be used for baking or cooking at high temperatures and maintaining its PH without changing its safe condition.

It is considered a safe food product for patients with diabetes since there are no references to lethal doses or degree of toxicity.

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