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坚果 碧根果

Interest in China GR Fresh is interested to export pecans to China (Western and Wichita). Their pecan tree is an open field production is in the state of Chihuahua in the north west part of Mexico, which limits with the US border. This state has the ideal conditions for pecan trees to grown and fulfill the low temperatures hours required by it. They count with weather stations in  the pecan trees field to provide 7 day forecast and monitor the fields. Their seasonality is in October and December

GR Fresh-Pecans production in Numbers

• 658 hectares (ha) of land.

• 53, 605 pecan trees.

• 800 tons annual production of pecans.

• 50 Lbs. sacks packing.

• 56 to 58% of pecan percentage.

• 135-140 kilo counts.

• +1000 employees.

• +50 clients in Mexico

Fact box:

 • Products recognized in Mexico and internationally, due their brand positioning: 5 Reyes, El Nazario, Cebolla Perla Selecta, Rancho Alegre, Laguna Valley and Nutri papas.

• Currently exporting to USA and Canada.

• Packaging, sorting, pre-cooling and storage facilities.

• Costumed retailed packaging and value-added packs.

• GPS systems used in transportation for optimal logistics.

• Mexican production, therefore, customs tariffs could be avoided, compared to the exports from the United States.

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