本公司主要生产和销售烤玉米片,烤玉米片是一种健康的零食,富含钙、铁、维生素 b12、欧米茄 6、9 种氨基酸. Crick 有 3 种口味,适合消费者的不同口味:天然海盐味、切达干酪味和柠檬辣椒味。

Crick is a producer and marketer of baked nachos based on of protein from cricket, bean flour, pea and corn. Crick are characterized by being a healthy snack thus generating health benefits, such as: calcium, iron, vitamin b12, omega 6, 9 amino acids, it also generates an environmental impact. Cricket rearing is done on farms with controlled environments within the country where a dehydration and milling process is applied to extract the protein that will be used in Crick. Crickets are characterized by being a protein sustainable because they emit 80 times less CO2 than cattle, for every pound takes up 1 gallon of water compared to soybeans which takes up 216 gallons of Water; in turn, they are 80% more digestive than beef thanks to their high index magnesium and calcium. Thus, eating this type of protein Sustainable contains more vitamin B12 than salmon, more iron than spinach and the 9 essential amino acids for the human body.

Crick is intended for people from 25 years to 50 years of age, social status medium high-high, those looking for healthy snacks after physical activity or due to health problems since it is a gluten free product, free of fats saturated, sugar-free, high in fiber and low in cholesterol. The purpose of Crick is to supply both the Ecuadorian and Latin American markets in order to to provide a snack that contains 10% protein, exceeding the average of snacks within the market; each nacho has 3 to 4 crickets. Crick has 3 flavors for the different tastes of consumers: natural with sea salt, cheddar and chili with lemon. The 50 gram bag sells for $ 2.50, which is 25% off performance over total cost, having a monthly production of 7720 units in different distribution channels: gyms, Mexican restaurants, organic shops, supermarkets and coffee shops.

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4. Founder-CEO: Francisca Castellanos.

5. Location: Quito

6. Phone: 099404338

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