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DOS ALMAS Avocado Oil
DOS ALMAS AVOCADO OIL is made from 100% The Hass variety, that why the excellent flavor and quality, born in the State of Michoacán, which is the main producer state in Mexico.


Born with the idea of offering a 100% Mexican product of highest quality to as many consumers as possible. To achieve this, we decided to produce an Refined, Bleached, Deodorized, Winterized oil that resulted in a highly versatile oil to be used  hot or cold, neutral and consistent in taste, color and smell in all batches, as well as more stable and with a longer service life.



·        Healthy fats, the biggest advantage of avocado oil
The main ones is its level of oleic acid (the most important of the monounsaturated fatty acids), which can represent up to 80% of its composition

·        Protection against free radicals

       Avocado compounds is that strengthen the energy centers of cells against the harmful effect of free radicals.

·        Flavor, smoke point and other qualities of avocado oil
Another unique characteristic is that its taste and aroma are much milder, almost neutral. Appropriate to combine it with other products whose flavor you want to highlight or value more, as can happen with fish, pasta or even with certain salads, legumes and fruits. Another advantage of avocado oil is that its smoke point is high: 271 ºC. This means that only at that temperature does it begin to decompose (and therefore generate smoke), which leaves food not only unpleasant but also toxic.




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