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Hainan Najia Trading Co., Ltd., established in Sanya, Hainan Province in August 2020, trading enterprise engaged in the sales and export of leisure food. It is planned to work together with its partner Uncle Pop Company to build a world famous brand of domestic famous Uncle Pop brands. At present, the main products are seven series of products, Rice and wheat cracker, Egg rolls, waffle, filling multi-grain cracker,biscuit,pastry and special festival snacks. All of them are very popular in both domestic and overseas markets.Nowadays, Hainan Najia Trading Co., Ltd. has investment businesses such as Hainan Najia Industrial Co., Ltd., Sanya Dexie Industrial Co., Ltd., Sanya Blue Star Real Estate Investment Service Co.,Ltd ,Hainan Najia Cultural Media Co., Ltd., Hainan Guopai Industrial Co., Ltd., and Daqing Shengshi Xinde Petroleum Development Technology Co., Ltd., with nearly 10000 employees. In 2022, with fixed assets of 2 billion RMB, Hainan Najia Trading Co., Ltd. will continue to expand its business and be determined to become a pioneer in integrating new era enterprises into national development strategies!
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UNCLE POP Halal Certificate 2024 (1)
UNCLE POP Halal Certificate 2024 (2)
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