IBSCO Brazil
About us
IBSCO is a Brazilian company with 30 employees operating in the animal feed market, focusing on the chewable/snack line for pets. Privileged by its strategic location with easy access to raw material suppliers and quick access to distribution centers such as major ports, airports, and highways in Brazil. We have ample physical space that allows for the safe expansion and growth of the company. We are regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (Mapa) and the Integrated System of Agricultural and Livestock Products and Establishments (SIPEAGRO), following strict quality controls in the reception and inspection of raw materials, production, processing, and packaging. IBSCO stands out in the Pet Food market for its quality, agility, and dynamism, as well as for its excellence, punctuality, and competitive pricing, attracting partner clients from the world's major consumer markets.
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